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Sunday, November 30, 2008

WELCOME LAPPY! उर्फ अथ लैपटॉप क्रय कथा

मेरी सखी सुरेखा कई साल दिल्ली में बिताकर आखिर अपने शहर हैदराबाद लौट गई। उसका दोस्ताना और बिंदास अंदाज़ सबको उसका मित्र बनने का न्यौता सा देता है जिसे नजर-अंदाज करना आसान नहीं।

तो, सुरेखा ने हाल ही अपनी महीनों पुरानी मुराद पूरी कर ही ली- एक लैपटॉप खरीद कर। दरअसल दिल्ली में तो बिना कुछ किए भी इंसान व्यस्त रहा आता है। तिस पर तफरीह के हजार बहाने, मौके, और जगहें। सो, हैदराबाद जाने पर उसके पास खूब फुर्सत रहने लगी तो उसने और मित्र-मंडली ने उसके लिए एक पुस्तक लिखने का काम मुकर्रर कर दिया। तो जनाब, जैसा कि सरकार में चलन है, पहले सरंजाम तो हो फिर काम के बारे में कुछ सोचा जाए। तो इसी सोच के तहत भविष्य में किताब लिखने के लिए आज लैपटॉप तो होना ही चाहिए था, जो कि अब उसके पास हो गया है। अब उसके इंस्टॉलेशन की दिलचस्प कहानी जब उसने मुझे भेजी तो आपके साथ क्यों न साझा करती। शायद इस मौके पर सुरेखा में आपको खुद की या अपने आस-पास के लोगों की झलक दिख जाए!

hey guys
I was hit between the eyes by technology today! to elaborate..... almost in kiddish glee i announce that i bought a DELL Inspiron! Ofcourse my great friends kiran aka kins,sunny,nilu,shayku,mandy, sam, emani,ramakanth and sripriya already know about it. but for the rest i am announcing now. am pretty thrilled with this lean mean machine!

The dearest lappy came on karthika pournami but the internet connection was slated for 2day. So the friendly neighbourhood beam cable wallah came in Ayyappa swamy black wraparound! My frends in delhi wont know this attire but i shall spare you the details.

When he brought in another wire from so many wires coming into my house(seriously these crisscrossing wires spoil the beauty of the landscape or whatever is left of it!!!) when he tried to type in my user name which has @ in it, hold your breath!!!!! when he held shift and pressed 2 he got inverted comma!!!!! my new [appy was not typin @!!! he said madam call DELL. I said whaaaaaaaaaaat? call dell? i havent even used the bludy lappy and i have to call them for troubleshooting?

Guys i was totally cheesed off finally i cald the customer carel(less) bloke and that is when technology hit me right between my eyes! My problem was solved in no time! on telephone and online! (no shady repair guy with a shady briefcase required!!) All my frends know that as far as computer savvyness is concerned I am still a neanderthal so i was mighty impressed when this guy asked me on phone what my problem was and gave me a set of instructions ( our interaction was like a kindergartener(me) and a PhD in Software & Hardware (him) and logged on to my system and asked me to relax for five minutes!

i cud see him working on my system. he went to control panel and then keyboard and then in a giffy he asked me to type @ and it worked! things were set right. shift 2 was @! when i sed it was ok aquestionnaire appeared about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and i filled it and he requested if he can let go now? i enjoyed this tech advance so much that i actually look forward to future trubleshooting!!!!!

For most of you this might not seem like the technological marvel of the century but ifor a dinosaur like me it was.

Thanks for reading this lambaaaaa story guys!

yours forever


Neelu said...

Diidz, as i call Surekha, wow! Whether you write a book or not, you surely will be written about... This could possibly be the closest you can get to writing your book (if you still dont hit the keys beyond checking if they work that is!!) presently.
Anu you sure have made Diidz a celebrity already!!!

Anonymous said...

Surekha said....
hey guys
u must read this. the writer is my best pal since 1984. i call her kins pyaar se. she is so tech savvy that she can open up a computer/lappy, find the defect, troubleshoot and put it all bak together like nothing happened
she is no tyrannosaurus like me she is an ace in the digital world ( like most of you i guess) !
this is wat she wrote in response to my lappy story. read and enjoy. i did

"Dear Ricky

Congratulations on finally entering the digital age! As someone wise and optimistic once said 'better late than never'!

Welcome to the World Wide Web or World Wide Wait (depending on which internet service provider you use). Here you will find a wealth of information - from detailed lessons on how to use a pogo stick to assembling a bomb in your living room and a ton of other such useful tips we might need in our everyday life.

Welcome also to the world of interesting characters all over the world - people like Rick who was abandoned by his girlfriend in the USA and has decided that the only way to alleviate the pain is by walking across the continent and recording his adventures on his blog (blisters and all) and Misha in Russia who's driving passion in life is collecting buttons.

Welcome to the world of computer viruses and trojans, backing up and reformatting, losing information and reinstalling software and pulling your hair out. When I received an email containing the 'I Love You' virus, I was so excited to hear those three little words that I completely ignored the fact that my system was being maliciously attacked by that virus. I lost many a hair in that incident - let it be a lesson to you my dear friend!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy exploring and experimenting with your new laptop - it could be the equivalent of the Neanderthal discovering fire!


Neelu said...

Kiran, Your email was simply amazing! You know what?! Since diidz isnt getting down to her book yet, maybe you should beat her to it ;-)

And you can have a whole chapter on Diidz - "Her experiments with the lappy...."

surekha said...

hey nilu
that was such a large hearted compliment! u cald me a celebrity? i was so thrilled that i almost looked to my left and right for autograph hunters!yeh alag baath hai ki there werent any!!! not yet!
nilu by paying such a major compliment u actually put the onus on me to rise to your esteemed expectations. i need to rise to
5ft7inches right?! guys that is how tall nilu is! (ha ha that was a pj)
My book had better be good because it is going to be reviewed/trashed by a voracious book reader like you nilu!
By the way guys, nilu is currently reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Eat Drink & Sleep(ha ha another pj)
Hollywood actor Julia Roberts highly reccommnds this book to all her lady frends
thanx and love u nilu

surekha said...

Hai anu the great
I wonder if I deserve such a wonderful introduction you gave about me before my lappy peice.
I loved it anu. It was written in such chaste and flawless hindi which can flow only from your pen. Oooops I mean your keyboard!!
love u anu

Neelu said...

The book i am reading is "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert (just imagine you could be the cause for Elizabeth's suicide).
Again, before Julia Roberts could recommend it to me, I already had a copy though. Hahahaha

Hey diidz, do you realize... Anu, you & me would be the only ones posting comments here and checking out for more..

Well, thanks to Anu, i have finally become a regular blogger (This is for you diidz - a blogger is a person who posts comments, opinions on blogs). i know, I know that you know that much (or little) atleast about the cyber woorld!!
Ouch, ouch, that hurt... you and your thappad maroonga tereko!! :-))

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